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Healing Nurungji

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Healing Nurungji

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Healing Nurungji

  1. GL MORE's Nurungji rich in nutrition made by only domestic rice.
  2. As snacks for children, students, and oldsters, as breakfast to chase a hangover with a drink, as a thin gruel of rice for patients, and as snacks or meals when people go to hiking or fishing.

*Some products are made by order production

Nurungji of sweet pumpkim flavor
nurungji made of a domestic sweet pumpkin
Nurungji of jujube flavor
nurungji made of a jujube from Boeun, Chungbuk, Korea
Nurungji of Korean soy-bean paste flavor
nurungji made of Korean soy-bean paste which is Korean traditional paste
Nurungji of curry flavor
nurungji made of curry having curcumin which prevent cell-damages by activeoxygen, by controlling and removing activeoxygen developing the phenomena of aging
Nurungji of oriental raisin berries flavor
healthy nurungji made of oriental raisin berries to help healing a hangover
Nurungji made of silkworm powder
healthy nurungji made of silkworm powder to help hypertension and control of blood sugar
Instant nurungji
Eat the product after waiting during about 3~4 minutes and putting a lid on the bowl, after putting a pack of instant nurungji and boiled water in a bowl.(Add yoplait or milk by fitting your favorite)
Healing nuringji adding brown rice
nurungji made of brown rice as a stomachful meal

Healing nurungji

  • same-sized nurungji baked hy gas-fire of 150~200°C after boiling rice washing by a rice polisher and soaking during 6~12 hours
  • easily eaten food, whenever and wherever

You can eat delicious nurungji soup if you boil nurungji with water during 7~9 minutes.

How to enjoy healing nurungji

in the morning
in the office
on a diet
alone at my home
when doing an outside activity

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